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Tralb (Poison)

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effects of Tralb:


'He (a healer) once said he used it to stop tremors, such as afflicted old people...The three figures were spasming, writhing, their limbs jerking. Foam caked their mouths and blood had started from their bulging eyes. They had fouled themselves...He (Kalam Mekhar)would have to be careful, since to come into contact with blood, spit or any other fluid was to invite a similar fate. The warriors were doomed to suffer like this for what to them would be an eternity – they would still be spasming by dawn, and would continue to do so until either their hearts gave out or they died from dehydration. Horribly, with Tralb it was often the latter rather than the former.’ (HoC, UK Trade, p.306)


'...the heavy languor in her (Henaras) dark eyes the product of diluted Tralb, a poison drawn from a local (Raraku)snake, which she imbibed to inure her against assassination.' (HoC, UK Trade, p.261)