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Aide and lover to Adjunct Tavore Paran


extraordinary amber eyes.


Gamet:'She was a concubine, I believe, in the Grand Temple of the Queen of Dreams, in Unta... Nor is T’amber particularly talkative . . .’ (HoC, UK Trade, p.277)


Tavore : "The design of that sigil was by T’amber’s hand.  There were jewel smiths in her family, I understand, and she passed a few years of her youth as an apprentice."  (BH)

The sigil … in silver, a city wall over which rose ruby flames, and the sloped tel beneath that wall, a mass of gold human skulls.  The echo to the Bridgeburners’ old sigil was not accident -- no, it was sheer genius.  T’amber’s genius.


Fiddler scratched at his graying beard, his eyes fixing on T’amber who sat to the Adjunct’s right, directly opposite Keneb.  “This is your Deck,”  he said, lifting it into view and setting it down on the tabletop.  “It has new cards in it.”

“Your point?”  the young woman demanded.

“Just this.  Who in Hood’s name are you?”

A shrug.  “Does it matter?” (BH)


( Implication from the above is that T'amber was a priestess in the Grand Temple of the Queen of Dreams, who is also the Goddess of Divination - hence her knowledge of the Deck of Dragons and apparent prescience)


T'amber and the Eres


“T’amber,”  Grub said.  “Only you and me can see.  So watch, Lostara.  Watch.”

The golden glow was coalescing, rising up from the corpse.  A faint wind flowed past Lostara and Grub, familiar now, heady with the scent of savanna grasses, warm and dry.

“She stayed with us a long time,”  Grub whispered.  “She used T’amber.  A lot.  There wasn’t any choice.  The Fourteenth, it’s going to war, and we’re going with it.  We have to.”

A slight figure now stood at a half-crouch over the body.  Furred, tall, and female.  No clothing, no ornamentation of any kind.

Lostara saw the T’lan Imass(Legana Breed) thirty or more paces away, slowly turn to regard the apparition.  And then, head bowing, the undead warrior slowly settled onto one knee.  “I thought you said we were the only ones who could see, Grub.”

“I was wrong.  She has that effect.”

“Who -- what is she?”

“The Eres’al.  Lostara, you must never tell the Adjunct.  Never.” (BH)


Eres held the card Weaver of Life in Fiddlers reading in Bonehunters - Bottle was the Empty Chair (Empty Chair gets Weaver of Life)