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'A large ship sat motionless...It had twin banks of oars, hanging down listlessly. A single rudder was visible. There were three masts, the main and fore both rigged with tattered square sails, the mizzen mast with the shtredded remnants of a lateen...'That's a Quon dromon. Pre-Imperial.'(DG, UK MMPB, p.329)


'...high sterncastle railing...Coiled ropes and bundles of supplies wrapped in sealskin lay scattered about, along with discarded body armour, swords and belts. A thick, pale, greasy dust clung to everything...Silanda was the only craft sanctioned to trade with the Tiste Andii. She was on her way to the island(Drift Avalii) when the Emperor's forces overran Quon. She never returned...'(DG, UK MMPB, p.331)


Silanda's Crew


'There were dozens of bundles. Each contained a head, cleanly severed. Most were Tiste Andii, but some were human...The oars were manned by headless corpses, three to a bench. Other sealskin bundles crowded every available space. Another headless figure sat behind a skin drum, both hands gripping strange, gourdlike batons. The figure was massively muscled. There was no evidence of any decay on any of the bodies. White bone and red flesh glistened at the necks...' (DG, UK MMPB, p.332-3)


Legana Breed: 'Kurald Emurlahn, the sorcery has locked their (the decapitated crew) souls to their flesh'(DG, UK MMPB, p.379)