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Bridgeburners sigil (from NoK) p.46

An arched bridge a background of licking flames (tattoo)


From GotM - prologue

A silver brooch of a bridge of stone lit by ruby flames (Whiskeyjack)


Malazan Imperial Sigil GotM p. 41

A taloned hand holding a crystal globe


Claw sigil (NoK) p.29

A silver birds claw gripping a seed pearl


Talon (NoK) p.70

A severed birds foot (tattoo)


Talon (DG) p.282

Baudin carried a talon of some large cat, amber coloured and smooth

Hawl – a yellow stained talon strung on a thong – HoC p. 660


14th army – HoC p.493

A finger bone, hollowed out and hung from a leather thong

Standard : A grimy, thin-limbed figure holding a bone aloft, the details in shades of dun colours that were barely visible on the yellow ochre field, the border a woven braid of the imperial magenta and dark grey.


Tavore's 14th army -BH

The sigil … in silver, a city wall over which rose ruby flames, and the sloped tel beneath that wall, a mass of gold human skulls.  The echo to the Bridgeburners’ old sigil was not accident -- no, it was sheer genius.  T’amber’s genius.


Ashok regiment

No description – but I’m working on it 


7th Army – Chain of Dogs

an iron sigil.. medallion four inches in diameter, a circlet of chain affixed to a replica Wickan dog-collar, and in the centre was a cattle dog head - not snarling, simply staring outward with hooded eyes.

from DG mmpb p.628


Malazan Marines standard– DG p388

Central stylized crossbow


Wickan standards – DG p851

Foolish Dog – a polished articulated dog skeleton

Crow – a bronze disk surmounted with black crow wings


Dead army standard from Raraku HoC p.793

A human ribcage, the ribs bound together by leather strips in which two skulls had been placed


Kallor’s sigil

A stylised crown – DG p 568


Crimson Guard

silver dragon on a crimson field


The Grey Helms of the Perish (BH)

A wolf's head on a grey background, bordered in black