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Pran Chole

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Pran Chole


Bonecaster to Cannig Tol's clan of the Kron T'lan Imass


Pran Chole


"He saw before him a squat figure, covered in the tanned hides of deer or some such similar animal. Antlers stretched out from a flat skull-cap on the man's head, grey and covered in fuzzy skin.[...]

Pran's face was wide, the bones pronounced beneath smooth, gold skin. His eyes were barely visible between tight lids, but what Kruppe saw of them was a startling amber in colour. Pran reached out long, supple hands over the fire." (GotM, p353, MMPB)


"Pran Chole, Bonecaster among Cannig Tol's clan among the Kron Imass [...]" (MoI, p23, MMPB)


"Pran Chole's tawny eyes remained fixed on the frozen tableau." (MoI, p24, MMPB)


"Pran Chole glanced down at his shadow, studied the antlered silhouette, the figure hinted within furred cape, ragged hides and headdress. The sun's angle made him seem tall - almost as tall as a Jaghut.


"Figures approached the slope before Silverfox. Weaponless, robed in furs from ancient, long-extinct beasts. Kruppe's eyes focused on one in particular, a broad-shouldered Bonecaster, wearing an antlered skullcap and the stained fur of an arctic fox." (MoI, p795f, MMPB)


'An arctic fox bounded into view, slowed upon seeing her, then sembled back into its Imass form. She saw before her a young man wearing the skin of his totem animal across his shoulders, and a battered antler headdress.' (MoI UK mmpb p.32)