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'The Twins, sister and brother, the Twins of Chance. He who pushes, she who pulls.' (GotM, UK Trade, p.207)


'a young man and woman – twins. The man wore loose silk clothing, white and gold;

his thin face was pale, expressionless. His twin was wrapped in a shimmering

purple cape, her blonde hair casting reddish glints.' (GotM, UK Trade, p.100)


Oponn(female):'The trouble with Ascendants is that they try to rig every game.Of course, we delight in . . . uncertainty.’(GotM, UK Trade, p.100)


‘Oponn.’ The two-faced Jester of Chance...The Lady held the upright position, her male twin’s bemused stare upside down at the card’s foot. Thus the thread of luck that pulled back rather than pushed forward – the thread of success. The Lady’s expression

seemed soft, almost tender, a new facet marking how things now balanced. A second heretofore unseen detail caught Tattersail’s intense study. Where the Lord’s right hand reached up to touch the Lady’s left a tiny silver disc spanned the space between them. The sorceress leaned forward, squinting. A coin, and on the face a male head.

She blinked. No, female. Then male, then female. She sat back suddenly.

The coin was spinning.' (GotM, UK Trade, p.67)


'Oponn, the male Twin upright, the luck that pushes, ill luck, terrible misfortune, miscalculation, poor circumstance...'(DG UK mmpb p. 252)





Oponn's Coin


'The first side...displayed the profile of a young man, with an amused expression, wearing some kind of floppy hat. Tiny rune-like lettering ran around the edge – a language the thief didn’t recognize as it was so very different from the cursive Daru script with which he was familiar. Crokus turned the coin... Another head, this one a woman’s facing the other way. The etched script here was of a style different from

the opposite side, a kind of left-slanting hatchwork. The woman looked young, with features similar to the man’s; her expression held nothing of amusement, seeming to the thief’s eyes cold and unyielding. The metal was old, streaked here and there with raw copper and pitted around the faces with rough tin. The coin felt surprisingly heavy, though he concluded that its only worth lay in its uniqueness.'(GotM, UK Trade, p.173)


Kruppe on the coin : '‘Even in this semblance, Master Baruk, blows the Twins’ breath. No mage’s Warren can withstand that wind.’ (GotM UKTpb, p 184)



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