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Notes for the Reader

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Abbreviations Used


GotM = Gardens of the Moon

DG = Deadhouse Gates

MoI = Memories of Ice

HoC = House of Chains

MT = Midnight Tides

BH = The Bonehunters

RG = Reaper's Gale

TTH = Toll The Hounds

DoD = Dust of Dreams (NOT Deck of Dragons)

TCG = The Crippled God

BF = Blood Follows

HD = Healthy Dead

NoK = Night of Knives

RotCG = Return of the Crimson Guard


MMPB = mass market paperback

Trade, TB (?) = Trade paperback

HC = Hardcover


SE = Steven Erikson

ICE = Ian Cameron Esslemont



(login names from the Starvald Demelain forum)




Imperial Historian




Silchas Ruin