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Magic and the Warrens

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Magic and the Warrens


Warrens - General Information



Magical Phenomena



Spirit Magic


Spirit Magic - General Info and References

Manifestations of Spirit Magic

Wickan Reiteration

Circle of Seasons, Seven Cities Divination Ceremony


Sympathetic Magic


Sympathetic Magic - General Info and References

Manifestations of Sympathetic Magic



The Elder Warrens




The Paths


  • D'riss, The Path of the Earth
  • Denul, The Path of Healing
  • Hood's Path, The Path of Death
  • Meanas, The Path of Shadow and Illusion
  • Mockra, The Path of the Mind
  • Rashan, The Path of Darkness
  • Ruse, The Path of the Sea
  • Serc, The Path of the Sky
  • Telas, The Path of Fire
  • Tennes, The Path of the Land
  • Thyr, The Path of Light


Other Warrens