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Tiste Andii Soletaken Eleint


2nd in command to Anomader Rake

Sister to Orfantal and Serrat


'.. a tall, black skinned woman..' 'The newcomer's angled eyes held on the child playing on the hillside. The prairie wind sent strands of long black hair over her face. Fine, scaled armour glinted from beneath her black-dyed, rawhide shirt'. MoI uk mmpb. p.105


'A tall, martial woman with midnight skin...extraordinary, almond-shaped eyes the colour of sun-bleached grass...Korlat, second to Anomander Rake.'(MoI, UK Trade, p.641)


'Her violet eyes...'(MoI, UK Trade, p.256)


If her Lord was well, then she would have to stand before him and formally sever her service – ending a relationship that had existed for fourteen thousand years, or, rather, suspending it for a time. (MoI)


Sandalath: 'She had fed on draconic blood, there in the wake of Anomander.' (MT) 


Characters Soletaken Tiste Andii