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Iskaral Pust's reading of the Cards

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The High Priest raised the Deck in both hands, closed his eyes and breathed a silent prayer to Shadowthrone. He began a spiral field, laying the centre card first.

'Obelisk!' Iskaral squealed, shifting nervously on his chair. 'I knew it! Past present future, the here, the now, the then, the when -'

'Hood's breath' Mappo breathed.

The second card landed, its upper left corner overlapping Obelisk's lower right. 'The Rope - Shadow Patron of Assassins, hah!' Subsequent cards followed in swift succession, Iskaral Pust announcing their identities as if his audience were ignorant or blind. 'Oponn, the male Twin upright, the luck that pushes, ill luck, terrible misfortune, miscalculation, poor circumstance...Sceptre...Throne...Queen of High House Life... Spinner of High House Death...Soldier of High House Light...Knight of Life, Mason of Dark..' A dozen more cards followd, then the High Priest sat back, his eyes thinned to slits, his mouth hanging open. 'Renewal, a resurrection without the passage through Hood's Gates. Renewal...' He looked up, met Icarium's eyes. 'You must begin a journey. Soon.'  ( DG UK mmpb p. 252)