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Illustrations Worksheet

Page history last edited by PBworks 15 years, 10 months ago

The Bridgeburners - Whiskeyjack's squad: WJ, Kalam, Quick Ben, Fiddler, Hedge, Mallet, Trotts (Detoran? Sorry?)

Relative sizes - say inhabitants of each continent if it's organized that way, so 'People(s) of genabackis would have:

Teblor, Moranth, Rhivi, Daru, Seguleh, etc.

Karsa post-tattoo!, preferably w/Havok, maybe Torvald Nom and/or Samar Dev (Icarium? Mappo? Rhulad? lots of possibilities here)

Soletaken (pick one, top of my head: Gryllen, The Tide of Madness - Ryllandaras - Gruntle as giant tiger, esp. the scene where his followers have all become part of the tiger and fall away when the tiger takes significant damage in the battle of Coral (?) , the Pannion War for sure, perhaps it was Capustan (check)

following the above, any number of images from the last 100 pages or so from MoI, including but not limited to: Brood, hammer in hand, watching Korlat under Moon's Spawn (must!), battle scene(s), Lady Envy and crew - Envy, Tool, Toc, Mok, Senu, Thurule, Baaljaag, Garath - perhaps the bathtub scene?, or better, fighting a Kell Hunter or two, sorcery-lashed army in the background...

Dragon(s)! -


Silchas descending on Letheras, with QB and Fid

Anomander terrorizing the Tenescowri, fighting the Galayn Lord, ?

Raest battling Silanah and the Soletaken dragons!

Menandore, Sukul and Sheltatha closing in on QB and Hedge