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House Durav Heirloom Sword

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The sword, an arm’s length of copper-hued iron, had been forged in Darkness, in Kharkanas itself. Sole heirloom of House Durav, the weapon had known three wielders since the day of quenching at the Hust Forge, but of those kin who held the weapon before Spinnock Durav, nothing remained -- no ill-fitting, worn ridges in the horn grip, no added twists of wire at the neck of the pommel adjusting weight or balance; no quirk of honing on the edges. The sword seemed to have been made, by a master weapon smith, specifically for Spinnock, for his every habit, his every peculiarity of style and preference.




. The water-etched blade, the almost-crimson edges with the back-edge sharply angled and the down-edge more tapering...the faint glyphs nested in the ferule along the entire blade’s length.




Spinnock Durav rubbed the last of the oil into the iron, watched the glyphs glisten as if alive, as ancient, minor sorcery awakened, armouring the blade against corrosion. Old magic, slowly losing its efficacy. - (TtH - UK pb p.170)