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Fanderay, The She-Wolf of Winter


'...his (Togg's) lost mate, the she-wolf, Fanderay. Farand in the Barghast tongue.' (MoI, UK Trade, p.591)



One of a mated pair lost and separated by the calling down of the Crippled God. Now re-united and occupying the Thrones of the Beast Hold.

Said to be older and more ancient than the Elder Gods.


'The Flaying of Fander, She-Wolf of Winter, marks the Dawn of Gedderone. The pristesses race down the streets, strips of wolf-fur streaming from their hands. Banners are unfurled. The noises and smells of the market rise into the morning air. Masks are donned, the citizens discard the year's worries and dance across the day into the night.

The Lady of Spring is born anew.

It is as if the gods themselves pause their breath..'


Faces of Darujhistan

maskral Jemre (b.1101)

GotM uk mmpb p.570


Kruppe: 'Two ancient gods, once mere spirits, the first to run with mortals – those T’lan Imass of flesh and blood of so long ago – the most ancient of companions. And their kin, who followed in kind, and run still with the T’lan Imass. ‘Two wolf-gods, yes? Does anyone here not recall the bedtime story of their separation, their eternal search for one another? Of course, all of you do. Such a sorrowful story, the kind impressionable children never forget. But what drove them apart? How goes the tale? Then one day horror visited the land. Horror from the dark sky. Descending to shatter the world. And so the lovers were thrown apart, never again to embrace. And it goes on blah blah and so forth and forthwhich. ‘Gentlemen, the horror was of course the Fallen One’s fateful descent. And whatever healing was demanded of the surviving powers proved a difficult, burdensome task. The Elder Gods did what they could, but understand, they were themselves younger than the two wolf-gods...'(MoI, UK Trade, p.643-4)


Norul, Shield Anvil of the Grey Swords after Itkovian:Togg and Fanderay are ascended beasts. Their souls are unknowable to such as you and me. Who can predict what lies in the hearts of such creatures?’ (MoI, UK Trade, p.648)


It is a most ancient tale. Two gods from before the time

of men and women. Longing and love and loss, the beasts

doomed to wander through the centuries.

A tale of mores, told with the purpose of no resolution.

Its meaning, gentle readers, lies not in a soul-warming

conclusion, but in all that is unattainable in this world.

Who then could have imagined such closure?

Winter’s Love


(MoI, UK Trade, p.616)


Some tides move unseen. Priests and priestesses of the

twin cults of Togg and Fanderay had for so long presided

over but a handful of adherents in their respective temples,

and those temples were few and far between. A shortlived

expansion of the cults swept through the Malazan armies

early in Laseen’s reign, but then seemed to wither of its

own accord. In retrospect, that flurry might be

interpreted as being only marginally premature,

anticipating by less than a decade the reawakening

that would bring the ancient cults to the fore. The first

evidence of that reawakening occurred on the very edges

of the Empire’s borders [strictly speaking, not even close, tr.],

in the recently liberated city of Capustan, where the tide

revealed its power for all to see . . .

Cults of Resurrection

Korum T’bal (translated by Illys of Darujhistan)

(MoI, UK Trade, p.766)