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Cotillion :.. 'he felt a presence at his side and turned to see a tall, skeletal creature, bedecked in rags, walking to match his pace.' (BH UK Tpb, p.47)


'A figure hitched a slow cripple's limp across the plain.... its twisted right leg gouging the sand with every step.'

'It wore the tattered remains of what might once have been thick cloth over armour of leather and scale. It's naked arms were dessicated and cured to littl emore than leather-clad bones. Within a bronze and verdigrised helm, its face disclosed only empty pits, nose a gaping cavern, lips dried and withdrawn from caried teeth. A rust-bitten sword hung on its back.' (NoK PS-UK HC p.9)


'I am called Edgewalker. I walk the borders of Kurald Emurlahn. What you call Shadow.' (NoK PS-UK HC, p.82)


'The Hounds and I are akin. Slaves to Shadow in our own ways.' (NoK PS-UK HC, p.84)


Cotillion : 'Yes, I know.. you walk paths unseen..' Edgwalker, 'By you, the Hounds do not share your failing.' (BH UK Tpb, p.47)


Edgewalker : 'You may consider me an elemental force.' (BH UK Tpb. p.54)


Cotillion to Apsalar on Telorast and Curdle : 'They are now agents of Edgewalker.' (BH UK Tpb. p.81)