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New Morn ~ 150 years after the events of the main series -- in the meantime the Moranth have conquered and then abandoned Darujhistan. Some part of the great city's inhabitants have journeyed to the site of new Morn and started/joined a settlement there. 


Main questions: In rough terms, what happened on Genabackis during that period? How much can we elucidate, given that the Toblakai trilogy is yet to come (some 5+ years from now for the first book of said trilogy)


or will we just avoid mention of spoilerific stuff and explain it away somehow (volume such and such, dealing with the events of such and such...) - ok, nm, this is the obvious answer but how much can we add to the lore? Obviously from my perspective - the more the better - surely some tidbits about the Moranth at least, hints of the repercussions of Karsa's war, whatever they may be, etc.


What about the Tyrant storyline? 


Considering that we will be limiting the scope of the work, what will those limits be? 


Our perspective is a scholar living at New Morn, the events of the books are several generations in the past...





     - the Elder warrens, incl. Chaos

     - the Elder Gods


The Elder Races


The Four Founding Races

     - The Jaghut

     - the K'Chain Che'malle (&Nah'ruk)

     - the Forkrul Assail

     - the Imass


Other Elder Races


     - The Tiste races

     - the Eleint

     - the Eres

     - the Thel Akai

     - the Thelomen Tartheno Toblakai

     - the Trell