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Sergeant Antsy,

Bridgeburner, 7th Squad



"Among (the Bridgeburners), names had emerged. The survivors, mostly squad sergeants, names that pushed their way into the Malazan armies on Genabackis, and beyond. Names, spicing the already sweeping legend of Onearm’s Host. Detoran, Antsy, Spindle, Whiskeyjack. Names heavy with glory and bitter with the cynicism that every army feeds on." (GotM, p56 MMPB, p42f TPB)


...Antsy, there at the counter on which is arrayed seven crossbows, twelve flatpacks of quarrels amounting to one hundred twenty darts, six shortswords, three throwing axes of Falari design, a Genabarii broadsword and buckler, two local rapiers with fancy quillions.. (TtH)