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Anomander Rake

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Anomander Rake


Son of Darkness, Knight of High House Dark, Mane of Chaos, Blacksword (Seguleh)


Age:300,000+ years

Race:Tiste Andii

Description:'Anomander Rake’s skin was jet-black, befitting Gothos’ descriptions,but his mane flowed silver. He stood close to seven feet tall. His features were sharp, as if cut from onyx, a slight upward tilt to the large vertical-pupilled eyes.' (GotM, p.155)

Warrens:Kurald Galain, Starvald Demelain

Titles:Lord of Moon’s Spawn, Bearer of Dragnipur, Archmage of the Tiste Andii


Hairlock: "The Tiste Andii are Mother Dark's first children. You've felt the tremors through the Warrens of sorcery, Tayschrenn. So have I. [...] Elder magic – Kurald Galain. The Lord of Moon’s

Spawn is the Master Archmage – you know his name as well as I do.’ - (GotM, p67 MMPB, p51 TPB)

"'Anomander Rake, Lord of the Tiste Andii, who are the souls of the Starless Night. Rake, the Mane of Chaos. That's who the Moon's Lord is and you're pitting four High Mages and a single cadre against him.'"-  (GotM, p70 MMPB)


Tattersail: "Mane of Chaos. Anomander Rake. Lord of the black-skinned Tiste Andii, who has looked down on a hundred thousand winters, who has tasted the blood of dragons, who leads the last of his kind, seated in the Throne of Sorrow and a kingdom tragic and fey – a kingdom with no land to call its own.


Anomander Rake looked tiny against the backdrop of his edifice, almost insubstantial at this distance. The illusion was about to be shattered. She gasped as the aura of his power bloomed outward - too see it at such distance ..." -(GotM, p7 TPB)5 MMPB, p56

Soletaken Form


'The Tiste Andii spread his arms wide, then rose upward. Kurald Galain sorcery swirled around him, blending his clothing, his massive sword, drawing all inward to the shape he now climbed towards. The veering was smooth,

eloquent, as jet-black wings unfolded from his shoulders. Flesh and bone surged in size, changed in shape. As he flew higher, eyes fixed on the stars, Anomander Rake became a black dragon, silver-maned and dwarfing even Silanah. His eyes gleamed silver, the vertical slits of the pupils dilating. His breath gusted in heavy grunts, the snap of his wings loud amid the deep groan of muscle on bone. His chest swelled to draw in the cold, dry air, and power filled his being.' - (GotM, p.493)



The Children of Anomander Rake


There had been a keep, somewhere, a place of childhood secure and protected by the one they all called Father.  Ridged spines of snow lining the cobbled track leading to the embrasure gate, a wind howling down from grey mountains – a momentary abode where scores of children scurried about wild as rats, with the tall figure of Anomander Rake wandering the corridors in godlike indifference....


There had been a priest, an ancient companion of the Son of Darkness, whose task it had been to keep the brood fed, clothed, healthy......


Such a cruel fire, lighting up all these ghastly recollections.  Deadsmell, in his sleepy, seemingly careless way, had drawn out their tale.  From that keep hidden in the fastness of some remote range of mountains, to the sudden, startling arrival of a stranger – of the aged, stooped Tiste Andii who was – it was learned with a shock – Anomander's very own brother.  And the arguments echoing from their father's private chambers, as brothers fought over unknown things – decisions past, decisions to come, the precise unfolding of crimes of the soul that led to harsh accusations and cold, cold silences......


Somehow, in the dark of night, and their father came to them then, to tell them how Andarist was taking them all away.  To an island, a place of warmth, of stretches of soft sand and pellucid waters, of trees crowded with fruit.  ... 


...as the children were drawn together and a warren was opened, a portalway into an unknown, mysterious new world where anything was possible.

Andarist led them through. - (TtH UK pb p.395)


Rakes Friendship with Caladan Brood 


'Anomander Rake, in all the time she (Korlat) had known him, had acknowledged but one friend, and that was Caladan Brood. And between those two men, thousands of years of shared experiences, an alliance never broken. Countless clashes, it was true, but not once a final, irretrievable sundering. (MoI, UK Trade, p.702)


Kilmandaros grunted.  "Think clearly, Errastas.  Brood had to know that shattering the sword would free Draconus, and a thousand other ascendants –"  her hands closed into fists – "and Eleint.  He would not have done it if he'd had a choice.  Nothing could have so fractured that ancient alliance, for it was more than an alliance.  It was friendship."  She sighed heavily and looked away.  "We clashed, yes, but even me – no, I would not have murdered Anomander Rake if the possibility was presented to me.  I would not.  His existence … had purpose.  He was one you could rely upon, when justice needed a blade's certain edge." (DoD) 

General References


T'riss:'Anomander once spent almost two centuries in the guise of a royal bodyguard . . . human' - (HoC, UK Trade, p.429)


Whiskeyjack, in his heart, was certain that Anomander Rake was not dead. Not even lost. In the half-dozen late-night conversations he had shared with the Lord of Moon's Spawn, the Malazan had acquired a sense of Tiste Andii: despite the alliances, including the long-term partnership with Caladan Brood, Anomander Rake was a man of solitude - an almost pathological independence. He was indifferent to the needs of others, for whatever reassurance or confirmation they might expect or demand. - (MoI MMPB, p.1006)


Scabandari Bloodeye: "Anomandaris Irake, who broke with his mother and with his kind. Who then vanished before I could deal with him. Vanished, probably never to be seen again." - (MT HB pg 5)


Lady Envy: 'Anomander Rake once crossed blades with a score of Seguleh, one after the other. He’d paid an unannounced visit to the island – knowing nothing of the inhabitants. Taking human form and fashioning a mask for himself, he elected to walk down the city’s main thoroughfare. Being naturally arrogant, he showed no deference to any who crossed his path...Two bells. That was the full duration of Rake’s visit to the island and its people. He described the ferocity of that short time, and his dismay and exhaustion which led him to withdraw into his warren if only to slow the hammering of his heart.' - (MoI, UK Trade, p.130)


Attributed Quotes



"There is no struggle too vast, no odds too overwhelming, for even should we fail – should we fall – we will know that we have lived."


Anomander Rake

Son of Darkness



Other Ascendants